A bit of background

#IAMHAUSOFPASSION: I'm Stephan Wüest, 21 years old and I create the world of HOP HAUS OF PASSION. Founded in 2020 in Basel, Switzerland HAUS OF PASSION is the translation of my vision of living. 

MADE JUST FOR YOU. Each HAUS OF PASSION product is made just for you - there's no overproduction or textile waste.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: HAUS OF PASSION invests a part of its profits to support Medical Health Care and Mental Health. Learn more here.

HAUS OF PASSION offers Ready To Wear, Accessories and Home Decor.


What I do is about living a pleasant life in freedom and with open eyes for the beauty of life. Therefore I have created my ideal world - the world of HAUS OF PASSION, or just HOP. HAUS OF PASSION is where my passion for Fashion, Photography, Music, Reading and Interior Design come together. The name also reflects the characteristics of my hometown Basel: A cosmopolitan city in the German part of Switzerland with an unpretentious and chic style.

"I am HAUS OF PASSION - I'm good enough, I know what I want in life, I go for it and I don't bend for other people." 

To me, the key to a satisfied and self-determined life is to live with passion for what you're doing. You are your own HAUS OF PASSION. You will find everything that you are within yourself. HAUS OF PASSION empowers yourself and your environment to reconnect with yourself and be aware of your passions. Be part of it!



We from HAUS OF PASSION empower you to live with passion and with a keen eye for the beautiful things in life. We bring this message in a classic and at the same time sporty way to the streets.

The Ready To Wear Fashion of HAUS OF PASSION is comfortable, sporty and sophisticated. Most of our items are unisex.


The Women and Men of HAUS OF PASSION live with passion and therefore a satisfied and self-determined life.


Details make a small but impactful difference in every outfit. 

Our Bags and Backpacks can be used for an active life in touch with nature.

Our Caps & Beanies are an eye-catcher for every outfit and remind you to live with passion. 


So do our Necklaces, Earrings, Phone Cases, Laptop Sleeves, Face Masks and Socks.

"Everyone should live in a beautiful home." - Stephan Wüest


At HAUS OF PASSION we have a passion for an easy and peaceful life in touch with nature. With our Pillows, Throw Blankets, Bath Towels and Mugs you can add a fresh touch to your home.

A framed Photo or Illustration makes your home feel more like your home. HAUS OF PASSION Wall-Art is often inspired by sunlight and an easy life by the  beach. Each photo was shot by Stephan Wüest while traveling the world.


At HAUS OF PASSION there are enough rooms for every passion.

One room is reserved for Music. Whether you'd like to get pumped in the morning or unwind in the evening. We got you covered with several regularly updated Spotify Playlists.


Did you know that each product of HAUS OF PASSION is made just for you?

We only print or embroider when we receive your order for it, avoiding textile waste. So forget about mass-produced clothing and buy your unique one-off from us!

Learn more about what we do for Sustainability.

Did you know that every purchase at HAUS OF PASSION supports the work of Ärzte ohne Grenzen?


HAUS OF PASSION acts as a transmitter - With every purchase of one of our clothing items* we voluntarily donate 1 CHF for every clothing item by the end of every month to Ärzte ohne Grenzen (MSF). *except for Sports Bras, Socks & Boxers.


We transparently inform our customers to which institutions we are donating and how much.

Learn more about our Social Responsibility.

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