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The brand HAUS OF PASSION came together out of its founders, Stephan Wüests, passion for Fashion, Photography, Graphic Design, Music, Reading, Interior Design and the beautiful things in life. The name HAUS OF PASSION combines the characteristics of Basel: A city in the German part of Switzerland that is heavily influenced by art and a connection to the rest of the world.



We from HAUS OF PASSION think that the key to a self-determined life is to reflect, know and live according to your own passions. That way you don't have to live someone elses vision of life and be able to also give to others. On the inside every human being knows their passions. With our Fashion Brand we remind not just you - but by bringing it on the streets - also the people around you to live according to their passions. These small reminders remind you that you will find everything that you are within yourself - there's no need to live another life but yours. 


"You will find everything that you are within yourself. There's no need to live another life but yours." - Stephan Wüest

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