There are many ways in making our planet a better place. 

At HAUS OF PASSION there are enough rooms for every passion. We think that the key to a satisfied and self-determined life is to live with passion. You are your own HAUS OF PASSION. You will find everything that you are within yourself. HAUS OF PASSION empowers yourself and your environment to reconnect with yourself and be aware of your passions. You'll see how stimulating and healthily addicting that is. Be part of it!

Everyone should be at ease with oneself and live in freedom to then be able to give back to others. We not only care for Mental Health but also for Medical Health. Therefore we have decided to donate a part of our returns to Ärzte ohne Grenzen (MSF). That way the community of HAUS OF PASSION is supporting Medical Health Care and reduces suffering.

Why are you donating to this organisation?

We voluntarily donate to Ärzte ohne Grenzen (MSF) because the organisation is impartial, neutral and independent. The teams of Ärzte ohne Grenzen (MSF) work in areas where human lives are endangered. Learn more about their work.


HAUS OF PASSION acts as a transmitter - With every purchase of one of our clothing items* we voluntarily donate 1 CHF for every item sold by the end of every month to Ärzte ohne Grenzen (MSF). *except for Sports Bras, Socks & Boxers.


You will receive updates about the donations through this page, our Magazine, Newsletter or Instagram.

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